Adult Classes

The social apect of a drama class should not be underestimated, there’s a lot of support, love and laughter!

Drama for Self Expression

Remember the pleasure your playful side gave you as a child? Now you have permission to get back in touch with that side of life, because Love-Drama’s adult drama classes are all about creativity, self expression and confidence building, through two hours of fun drama-based activities. Using your imagination and humour will help to alleviate the stress and strain of daily life. In these classes, I will support each individual’s personal expression and originality through verbal and physical play.

What can you expect from a Love-Drama adult drama class? You will enjoy a warm-up activity, something to get our brains focussed and in the mood and then a main activity. Here are some examples:

‘Jabbering Jargon’ – Each person takes it in turn saying a word that must be unrelated to the word said by the previous person. “easy!” I hear you say…..or is it?

‘Last Letter, First Letter’ – Each person takes it in turn saying a word beginning with the LAST letter of the word said by the previous person. Again, is it easy? It’s really quite odd how your brain switches off and you can’t remember any words that start with that particular letter!

Main activities are, for example when students will be asked to create, devise and improvise small group scenes given some prompts like starting and ending lines or ‘party quirks’ where you pick your quirk out of a hat and everyone has to guess what it is. Something like this can sound quite daunting if you are not used to it, however I can assure you there is a LOT of laughter involved and it’s wonderful for getting the little grey cells firing as well as the particularly marvellous social aspect.

Each term, we learn some simple moves to an uplifting musical number. “But I can’t dance!” I hear you cry! Well, I don’t expect anyone to be a dancer, which is why I make sure the moves are simple and easy to follow, and that the music is uplifting, ensuring that you have fun and leave the class feeling happy. I don’t even care if you have THREE left feet, everyone’s welcome! You will surprise yourself at how AMAZING you are, I promise you!

THURSDAYS 7:00pm-9:00pm

A non-judgemental, welcoming and supportive environment awaits regardless of ability and knowledge, whether you studied drama at University, performed in Amateur Dramatics, have previously studied with Love-Drama or purely would like to try something new.

The Main Hall in the Mrs Howard Memorial Hall in Letchworth Garden City

Book here *Adults – please be aware that the way the Class4kids booking system works is that you must register yourself as the ‘parent’ and then book yourself onto the class and register yourself once again as the ‘child’. You will only be required to do this once. If you are a couple and register on the same booking and at the same time (as if you are siblings) you will qualify for the sibling discount!