After School Clubs

Building Confidence and Self Expressionschoolkidsposing

The concept is:

·       To improve the confidence and self-esteem of each individual

·       To improve confidence within the school environment

·       To develop memory skills to enhance wider learning


Using drama techniques and games, we encourage children to develop the following skills

  • Understand body language and emotions through character and mime
  • Voice confidence through voice projection activities
  • Team building and individual work
  • Place text and song within a social, cultural and historical context as we relate to the musical song featured each term.

We believe each child can unlock their potential by developing life skills through the medium of drama, supporting their ability to work within a team, develop emotional empathy and enhance self-esteem.

The children will explore aspects of drama and theatre including voice projection and movement through age specific games. They will be encouraged to nurture their skills in groups, as well as individually, in a fun, non-pressurised environment. They will work towards a musical ensemble performance, but the main learning objective is to build confidence, with ‘performing’ a happy by-product of essential life skill development.

Each child is supported and encouraged to use their imagination and express their own originality and personality. Love-Drama is not performance based therefore we do not put on a ‘show’, however at the end of each term we have Watching Week. One building block to confidence building is standing in front of people, some of whom you don’t know, and speaking out loud. This can be daunting for anyone, especially young people which is why we only ever ask the children to demonstrate games or activities they have been learning over the term along with the musical ensemble routine. They may find themselves a little daunted at the prospect but the sense of pride they feel afterwards is wonderful to behold, they have overcome their nerves and feel more confident as a result and are subsequently able to speak more confidently in assemblies or school plays.

We have found that even after one term, children are more confident and self assured!

After School Club

These weekly sessions are funded by parents and run on a termly basis.

Classes run for one hour and are divided into two age related sessions; years 1-3 and years 4-6.

Maximum 14 children per class.

£5.00 per child per week.

What the Head Teachers Say:

“I have seen children with low self-esteem performing and speaking confidently after being part of Emma’s after school drama club. Just as important, the children have lots of fun and really look forward to their sessions. Emma’s enthusiasm is infectious!”

Jan Martin, Head Teacher, St. Michael’s Primary School, Woolmer Green, Herts.

What the Parents say:

“Emma is a fantastic drama teacher who is completely passionate about bringing out the best in each individual child. My daughter loves the sessions and it has been great to watch her confidence grow – thank you!”

“Today was the first time I’ve seen my son do his drama with you. He was amazing and I know that he, and the rest of the group, were amazing because of all your patience hard work and just being great with them all.”

“My daughter has started Love-Drama classes. She enjoys them immensely and it was a joy watching her at the end of term. Emma is professional and passionate. Thank you Emma”

“My daughter loves her lessons with Emma, she has helped her be more self-assured and it’s been a joy to watch the process.”

“The class thoroughly enjoy themselves and Emma manages to get them all working together nicely. It’s a lovely class with a great atmosphere, my daughter can’t wait for next term!”