For Schools

Building Confidence Through Drama

The concept is:

·       To improve the confidence and self-esteem of each individual
·       To improve confidence within the school environment
·       To develop memory skills to enhance wider learning
·       To support the self expression and creativity of each child

Using drama techniques and games, I encourage children to develop the following skills:

Understand and use emotions through character and mime, build vocal confidence through voice projection activities, develop group and individual work through positive reinforcement and praise, place text and song within a social, cultural and historical context which can support the wider curriculum if required.

I believe each child can unlock their potential by developing life skills through the medium of drama, supporting their ability to work within a team, develop emotional empathy and enhance self-esteem.

The children will explore aspects of drama and theatre including voice projection and movement through age specific games. They will be encouraged to nurture their skills in groups, as well as individually, in a fun, non-pressurised environment. In the School Day and After School Club option they will work towards a musical ensemble performance, but the main objective is to build confidence and self-esteem, explore their imagination and self-expression.

Here is a breakdown for the services I offer and what I am proposing:

Your Options:

One-Off Session

A structured 90 minute session during the school day where the children will explore their imagination and self expression through fun drama based activities. This can be themed if required to compliment the curriculum. 



Recurring School Day 

A ten-week programme with structured classes once a week lasting 1 hour incorporated into the school day. At the end of the ten weeks the children are able to stage a short performance and demonstrate the route in which they got there. This can also be themed to compliment the curriculum.

£400.00 for 10 weeks



To prepare the children for their school play by enhancing their understanding of the text. I will use activities specific to the production exploring style, text and characters as well as coaching in staging and vocal projection. 

£120.00 half day – 9:15am to 12:00pm

£240.00 full day  – 9:15am to 3:00pm