Saturday Kids Club

Let their imagination fly and watch them grow


Junior Drama 9:30am-10:45am – Reception to Year 2 (Age 4-7 years)

Senior Drama 11:00am-12:30pm – Year 3 to Year 6 (Age 7-11 years)

Great Wymondley Village Hall, Arch Road, Great Wymondley, Hitchin, Herts, SG4 7EP

Using drama techniques, activities and games I encourage children to use their imaginations and develop the following skills

  • Understand body language and emotions through character and mime
  • Voice confidence through voice projection activities
  • Team building and individual work

I believe each child can unlock their potential by developing life skills through the medium of drama, supporting their ability to work within a team, develop emotional empathy and enhance self-esteem.

The children will explore aspects of drama and theatre including voice projection and movement through age specific games. They will be encouraged to nurture their skills in groups, as well as individually, in a fun, non-pressurised environment.

Each child is supported and encouraged to use their imagination and express their own originality and personality. Love-Drama is not performance based therefore we do not put on a ‘show’, however at the end of each term we have Watching Week. One building block to confidence building is standing in front of people, some of whom you don’t know, and speaking out loud. This can be daunting for anyone, especially young people which is why we only ever ask the children to demonstrate games or activities they have been learning over the term. They may find themselves a little daunted at the prospect but the sense of pride they feel afterwards is wonderful to behold, they have overcome their nerves and feel more confident as a result and are subsequently able to speak more confidently in assemblies or school plays.

We have found that even after one term, children are more confident and self assured!

Maximum 12 students

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Every class is different and so are the students, they may vary week to week so I may very well have a lesson planned and this could be thrown out of the window as the students could need me to steer them in a completely different direction. Because the importance and care of the students is my priority and I am an independent business I will always take the needs of the students above the rigidity of my lesson planning.

Fun Online Class 9:30am-10:30am – The final session for the online class is 29th May 2021

Reception-Year 6 Class limited to 12 students

These online drama classes are conducted via Zoom and are informal fun sessions where the children will take part in drama based games and activities like pass the energy ball and miming activities or they may do various scavenger hunts each week. They are light-hearted and designed to put the children at ease, build their self esteem and as there is never a ‘winner’ they make friends more easily and it helps build their confidence and creativity. We always start each session with the students telling me something positive, exciting or interesting about their week, sometimes they have to dig deep but are always helped and encouraged by myself other students and we always end the sessions with Musical Freeze which is exactly what is sounds like! As it’s not like musical statues and there is no ‘winner’ we just freeze as various characters, it adds to their feeling of confidence and positivity and of course it’s set to an uplifting song!

As we are unable to run classes in our usual setting we feel that allowing the children to have fun and making life less serious is paramount, and the parents can still allow us to take charge for an hour. The class is limited to 12 students as we know how crazy the world of Zoom can be and it’s important each child gets the time they deserve.

This class is ideal for Reception and above which is a great opportunity for siblings, friends and even extended family to do the class together!