From Adult Students

“No matter how bad my week has been, Emma’s lessons never fail to brighten up my day. I always leave the lesson uplifted and smiling. It’s a great way to meet other people who are friendly, fun and welcoming.”

“Emma’s online drama sessions are islands of creativity, laughter and camaraderie. A high spot in my week.”

“I had no idea how online drama lessons would work given the fact I’ve only ever had lessons face to face, but even though it is different, they’re so much fun!”

“Emma is incredibly inventive and creative as a teacher and it’s a great way to unleash your imagination from the comfort of your own home.”

“Highlight of my week. A friendly class in a non-pressurised fun environment”

“Brilliant mix of energy, enthusiasm and play”

“Emma is great with people of all levels and ability”

“It’s like a fun mindfulness class!”

“I’d had such a s**t day but now I feel fantastic!”

“When I get home from your class my husband says my eyes look alive and shining”

“I walk out of your class feeling like I could take on the world!”

From Parents

“Emma’s online class is the only extra curricular activity my daughter will do!”

“This is such a fun hour every Saturday for my five year old! He loves the games, using his imagination, interacting with the other kids and Emma is such a dream with him. She is so patient, encouraging, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommend!”

“Emma’s effort and enthusiasm are extraordinary. My daughter loves her classes and I have been so grateful for the joy they have brought to our Saturday mornings.”

“Emma is a fantastic drama teacher who is completely passionate about bringing out the best in each individual child. My daughter loves the sessions and it has been great to watch her confidence grow – thank you!”

“Today was the first time I’ve seen my son do his drama with you. He was amazing and I know that he, and the rest of the group, were amazing because of all your patience hard work and just being great with them all.”

“My daughter has started Love-Drama classes. She enjoys them immensely and it was a joy watching her at the end of term. Emma is professional and passionate. Thank you Emma”

“My daughter loves her lessons with Emma, she has helped her be more self-assured and it’s been a joy to watch the process.”

“The class thoroughly enjoy themselves and Emma manages to get them all working together nicely. It’s a lovely class with a great atmosphere, my daughter can’t wait for next term!”

From Head Teachers

“I have seen children with low self-esteem performing and speaking confidently after being part of Emma’s after school drama club. Just as important, the children have lots of fun and really look forward to their sessions. Emma’s enthusiasm is infectious!”

Jan Martin, Head Teacher, St. Michael’s Primary School, Woolmer Green, Herts.